Education Services

We work with Chambers of Commerce to develop mutual objectives for training opportunities that offer their members, business owners, staff and volunteers best practices in customer service techniques and maximized destination knowledge. In addition, we work in tandem with existing industry organizations, restaurants, shopping malls, attractions, transportation companies and law enforcement agencies to offer customized trainings for employees who have direct visitor interaction. We strive to create a shared learning experience that will help ensure that visitors hear a consistent story about the attributes of our region and feel appreciated for their business.

We also support the various sales teams that host sports, films, cultural and large scale events to market the benefits of tourism as well as provide ancillary professional services. We assist in volunteer trainings, pre-event communications in the community, in addiition to promoting the value of tourism in relation to these business opportunities.

The Hospitality Education department helps promote the recognition of the hospitality industry as a valued profession with a variety of career paths and opportunities. It also serves as a point of contact for students and educators, who seek opportunities to excel in the field of hospitality by helping to identify scholarships and internships; school-to-career-programs; training courses, or mentor programs in the hospitality community.

An area for us to pursue more ardently and feel there are abundant opportunities to be pioneers -- is by building on and disseminating knowledge about green programs. Taking the lead was Pinellas County as the first Green Government in the state of Florida. The potential to combine sound business decisions and good environmental practices in ways that benefit the community and visiting citizens helps us build an enduring positive environmental legacy that will remain long after the last tourist arrives back home.

The Education programs offer many features that translate into a wide variety of benefits that help strengthen the entire hospitality and business community. Our intent is to build on regional collaboration to enhance regional tourism.

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