New Trend Spices Up Traditional Fourth of July

Land Paddling Craze Hitting St. Pete/Clearwater

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

St. Pete/Clearwater, FL (July 3, 2013) - From fireworks to cookouts to lazy get-togethers with family and friends, Independence Day weekend is full of great American traditions. But this year in St. Pete Clearwater, in addition to all the expected festivities, you just might catch a glimpse of someone participating in a brand new trend that's sweeping the area: land paddling

The idea is simple---it's a land-based version of stand-up paddling. But instead of a paddleboard and oar, you use an elongated skateboard and a long stick with a rubber plunger on the end. 

St. Pete/Clearwater's scenic downtowns, endless beachfronts and urban trails provide the perfect settings for the area's newest outdoor activity. 

The nascent sport affords both novices and experienced paddle boarders different opportunities: old pros can perfect their technique on land and get in a quick workout, while beginners can get a feel for the movement of the board and slowly develop the skills and coordination needed to take on the waterborne version. 

St. Pete resident Peter Garian tried and enjoyed stand-up paddle boarding, but he was in search of something on dry land for those days he didn't have time to splash his paddle board. That's when he discovered something new called land paddling. 

"It's the same sort of upper body workout, yet you have the ease of just walking out your door with your longboard instead of having to get in the water," says Garian, who moved from Boston to St. Pete two years ago. "You take your standard longboard, and you create the same motion." 

The specialized paddle stick with a rubber stopper at one end, which are sold at area surf shops, allows risers to grip the pavement and propel the board forward while controlling their direction and speed with the weight of their own bodies. 

"If it looks interesting to you, you should give it a try," suggests Garian. "Because it's really not that hard." 

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