Land Paddling: Newest Fitnesss Craze Catches On in St. Pete/Clearwater

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 5:53pm

St. Pete/Clearwater’s scenic downtowns, endless beachfronts and urban trails provide the perfect settings for “land paddling,” the newest and hippest evolution of stand-up paddle boarding.

Land paddling, the new sport taking root in St.Pete/Clearwater, allows paddle boarders to perfect their technique on land—creating a perfect practice scenario for first-timers and a convenient workout for seasoned paddle boarders who are pressed for time. Land paddlers use a long board (basically a skateboard) and a paddle stick with a rubber stopper at one end, which allows them to grip the pavement and propel the board forward while controlling their direction and speed with the weight of their own bodies. When Peter Garian moved from Boston to St. Pete two years ago, he wanted to find a way to enjoy the sunny weather and the beautiful downtown waterfront. Garian, like so many others, tried and enjoyed stand-up paddle boarding, but he was in search of something on dry land for those days he didn’t have time to splash his paddle board. That's when Garian discovered something new called land paddling. See Peter in action, and find out more about the little-known sport that is just starting to make a splash—on land.